New Comics arrive every week on Wednesday morning. We open at 9:00am and the week’s new issues are ready to be sold at that time. We have a gigantic array of graphic novels on display with new ones and restocks arriving weekly. Besides the regular doses of Marvel and DC superheroes, we have recent arrivals which may arouse your interest here.


The Comic Store has recently acquired a huge near-mint collection of 1980’s and 1990’s comics. The backbone of these classic comics is from 3 large collections that were purchased over the past 4 years. The largest and most impressive collection is what we are calling The Elmer Horst Collection. Many of you may recall seeing Elmer at our store during new comic book day, sporting his white beard and wearing his old blue bucket hat. Elmer helped us unpack the new comics and was always careful to pick out nice copies for his collection. Unfortunately he died in 2002 and we lost a dear friend. It has taken us over 3 years to organize his collection for sale. Every comic from the unique Elmer collection will come with a special certificate of authenticity. We are sure you will find something of interest. A complete listing of these comics for sale is available at The Comic Store. 


Original stories and multiple issue collections, also called trade paperbacks. The most popular lines are the Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Hours featuring such icons as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Conan and other main-stream heroes. 

The Comic Store features hundreds of other collections including European Stories - Judge Dredd and Asterix, hard to find newspaper “funnies” collections like Dick Tracy and Steve Canyon as well as obscure independent stories like “American Splendor”.


The Comic Store has thousands of hard to find, unique and collectible comics. Visit our store, talk to our expert staff, or drop us a line, and we can help you find what you are looking for.