7 Wonders Duel

7 Wonders Duel is an re-design of the popular 7 Wonders board game for only 2 players. The goal is building an civilization by constructing buildings and wonders. The game consists of 3 ages with different buildings. Victory is determined in 3 ways. Civilian victory consists of highest victory point after the 3 ages. Military supremacy and scientific victory occurs when one player completes certain conditions.

I have played the game several times now. It plays smoothly and has great re-playability. I highly recommend it.

Vault Wars

Vault Wars by John Gilmour and published by Floodgate games. This a bidding game with the theme of adventurers selling off the unclaimed storage vaults of dead adventurers. If you have watched "Storage Wars" on TV, you get the feel of the game. The game is a lot of fun. The game plays 3 to 5 players. I recommend 4 or 5 players to get the bidding mechanic working well. Three players plays a little stilted. Optional rules included Workers and an 2 player varient. I give a thumbs up.


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game



Pathfinder Adventure Card Game published by Paizo Publishing and designed by Mike Selinker. PACG is a card game replicating an adventure party racing against time to complete an adventure. Each player has a deck which represents their character. The game plays 1 to 6 players. The players have a limited number of turns to finish the adventure by defeating the Villain. PACG is a fun game to play. It has a puzzle solving feel to the game. it also gives you role-playing theme as your characters get more powerful with cool items and powers as you play more games. Each scenario takes 2 hours or less. I recommend it to 10 years old or more. The Comic Store hosts the organized play format for the game on Thursday nights 6 to 8. All are welcome. We resume play in January 7th.


Game review- DC Deck-Building Game

DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic Entertainment was first released in 2012. Numerous expansions have followed from additional stand alone/expansions, additional small deck expansions and cooperative play. DCDB is a lite super-hero themed where you take on role of iconic DC Heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Armed with only your basic Punch and Vulnerability cards you defeat villains, acquire equipment, recruit allies and develop super powers. As your deck gains in power you seek to defeat the Super-Villains. After the players have defeated 8 Super-Villians, the game ends. Victory points are tallied from the cards you acquired for deck. Highest total wins. DCDB is great game for 2-5 players. I recommend 3 to 5 players for best play experience. I just taught the game to my son and his 3 friends(23 years +). The first game took about 90 minutes. The were slowly learning the mechanics. The second game took 60 minutes. They were playing very well and quickly. They grasped the concept of combinations of cards produced greater results. I recommend it as a lite filler game. The cooperative play turns the game on its head, completing the mission is more important then scoring victory points. I give it a big thumbs up.

Game Review - Hanabi

Hanabi a game by Antoine Bauza and published by R&R Games. Hanabi is a cooperative card game (players are playing as a team against the game) for 2 to 5 players. The goal of the game is to build a fireworks display with the cards in your hand. The display is built by color and in ascending numerical order. The twist is the players do not see their own cards. The players can see every other players cards. On your turn you can do one of 3 actions: play a card, discard a card or give a clue to the other players. A clue is given in this format; "these 2 cards are blue" or 'this card is a 4". The game is a brain burner. It is a game of memory and deduction. I like the game a lot. Great for playing with non-gamers. Easy to teach, hard to master. Great stocking stuffer.

Comic Review - Harrow County

Harrow County by Cullen Bunn(writer), Tyler Crook(artist and letterer) and published by Dark Horse Comics. Harrow County is a Grimm's Fairy Tale set in the early 20th century American South. Emmy, a teenage girl, has always know of the weird things in the dark woods near her family farm. She is now finding out that she is intimately connected to these weird beings in the woods. Great story by Cullen Bunn. He is known also for "Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe" and "The Sixth Gun" from Oni Press. Tyler Crook's art is awesome. He has a relaxed line with water color coloring. They make a great team. The comic is up to issue #8. The first collection is out, collecting issues #1 to #4.