Game Review - Hanabi

Hanabi a game by Antoine Bauza and published by R&R Games. Hanabi is a cooperative card game (players are playing as a team against the game) for 2 to 5 players. The goal of the game is to build a fireworks display with the cards in your hand. The display is built by color and in ascending numerical order. The twist is the players do not see their own cards. The players can see every other players cards. On your turn you can do one of 3 actions: play a card, discard a card or give a clue to the other players. A clue is given in this format; "these 2 cards are blue" or 'this card is a 4". The game is a brain burner. It is a game of memory and deduction. I like the game a lot. Great for playing with non-gamers. Easy to teach, hard to master. Great stocking stuffer.